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The V.O.G Group initiated its activities in 1955 by a manager who inherited the 40-year spiritual experiences and diplomatic relations of his father who was the Ambassador of UNESCO in various African and European countries. The Group continued its affairs and activities in line with the will of his father who served human societies. The V.O.G has integrated its goals with the business world in order to contribute to the welfare of human societies, having established its first commercial office in the Congo, according to the birthplace of his honorable mother.

Considering the powerful diplomatic relations with the countries of France, Switzerland and Iran, and the impressive successes of the complex in establishing strong business relations between the above-mentioned countries and the Congo, the request for the establishment of the offices of the V.O.G company increased by the heads of countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Gabon, the Republic of Congo and Angola.

Over the passage of time, the growth of V.O.G Group’s trade in the African countries has had an impact on their trade balance. The Afro Group has expanded its business offices in order to quickly reach commercial facilities in different parts of the world. In the same way, in 2014, the Turkish office was set up in Istanbul. Furthermore, the opening of the Swiss office in 2017 was on the agenda.

In 2015, due to the potential of V.O.G Group in the African continent and numerous requests for purchase of property in Turkey, the R & D team of the Afro Group identified the existing potential and decided to set up the real estate sales unit in Turkey. The efforts of V.O.G’s experts led to the setup of a subsidiary company called Vistaro, to the formation of a professional sales team and to the setup of exclusive sales contracts for target markets with Istanbul projects. The team of property sales consultants have begun their activities in Turkey and Iran as well as seven African countries including Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Republic of Congo, Angola, Rwanda and Gabon.